Letizia Prestipino (1995, Milan) is an Italian visual artist based in Milan. After spending her Education in Berlin, where she studied Fine Arts at Universität der Kunste Berlin, she graduated with a MA in Painting at Brera Academy in Milan, Italy where she currently lives and works.

Letizia Prestipino’s paintings convey a sense of absence through the various visual elements pre- sented on the canvas, both in technique and form. The artistic work arises from unexpected epi- phanies that, once brought to the canvas, undergo a process of transcription and recoding. The process of decoding involves a struggle of destruction and recomposition starting from the epipha- nies themselves that dictate the impetus of the creative process, in which the initial information is reworked; this inevitably leads to the loss of some details in favor of others that emerge, bringing new dynamism and life. The creative process has brought to light the latest works whose purpose tends towards the reconstruction of the initial epiphany, inexorably missing the target: the canva- ses, in fact, can only be the attempt of such intention, presenting the absence thereof. Traces of ab- sence, the canvases are composed of childlike and primordial pictorial signs along with fragments of images, perhaps pre-existing, that open up to places in personal or collective memory of lived experiences (children playing, convivial moments, or photographs of summer vacations, or images belonging to collective memory or landscapes). These juxtapositions allow new meaningful rela- tionships, creating organic realities hosted by chromatic landscapes that guard and open the obser- ver’s horizon to new aesthetic experiences. Like open restorations, the canvases offer the observer a visual path that, despite the struggle of signs and fragmented details, hints at the reconstruction of the original epiphany, but perhaps even more so at the emotional state of the lived experience, testifying to the nostalgia for the sublime.


Ongoing exhibition:

RoGallery, 47-15 36th Street Long Island City, NY 11101
online LfA
online TOPICTURES Gallery


– 16/21 April, Salone del Mobile – Longhi, Hall 15, Stand B11-C12, Milan Fairground, Rho
– collaboration with Reform showroom, Friedensallee 3-5 Hamburg, (DE) 
Oltreconfine #1 progect in collaboration with Cantina Mazzola, Marche (ITA)
– artistic consulting for Taplessfilm for “La Bella Estate” film, at the cinemas on 2023. Film produced by Laura Lucchetti with Alessandro Piavani, Nicolas Maupas, Tile Yard Vianello & Deva Cassel.
– collaboration for the scenic design of “Amanda”,13 October 2022 at the cinema. Film produced by Carolina Cavalli with Benedetta Porcaroli and Galatéa Bellugi. 

Past exhibitions:
– 29 February – 3 Murch Unfair, LfA, Super studio Maxi, via Moncucco, 35 (MI)
– 1/3 December, Transcription, Open Studio, Pioltello (ITA)
– 16/23 October VIAF2021 (Västerås International Art Fair) at SoHo gallery (SE)
– 4 /19 September, Mnemosyne 0.03 at Sacromonte, Varese (ITA)
– 13/17 September “HUMANISM”, The Holy Art, Athens (GRC)
– 10 June / 3 July Virtual National Exhibition at Denise Bibro gallery, Chelsea New York City

– June, Talks 3 Questions For 3 Artists #2
– Interview made by Giuseppe Frangi, for “Arbiter”, Franz Botré, january-february 2022