Landscape is recognising a place.
In these works, through the change from one colour to another, the sign creates a landscape with different depths that allow the viewer to recognise a familiar image, allowing the imagination to freely make associations.


Landscape è il riconoscimento di un luogo.

In questi lavori, fra l’alternarsi di un colore e l’altro, il segno genera un paesaggio ricco di profondità che permettono all’occhio di riconoscere un’immagine familiare, dando adito all’immaginazione.


Red is the result of a collaboration between the composer Giovanni Zof and Letizia Prestipino. It began as a result of our interest in soundscape: a new way of using scientific knowledge to study the changes in flora and fauna caused by the human footprint in various natural places (e.g. forest, seabed). The project offers a sound experience accompanied by the vision of metaphorical paintings in the place of the gallery. The paintings combine Landscape and Sky Place and suggest the memory of a journey in shades of blue and red. The desire is to narrate this journey through an environment, where, familiar or not, what attracts the viewer is the hint of red in the painting, which becomes a fixed point from which to orient oneself.

It is:

red [because it is an erotic color as it attracts the human eye]
persistent in the memory of the landscape [the music tells that something always happens in the environment and it is fixed in the memory of the landscape. The soundscape is a voiced memory of an environment]
personal, unique and different [this images and the video are the memory of a lived past]