Mnemosyne is the act on the body.

The body is treated also in its literal form and once again it is the light that generates the vision. The torsos and faces emerge slowly from the space thanks to the contrast between light and darkness, while the oilbar creates a layer which covers and reveals the image at the same time.

Mnemosyne è il gesto sul corpo.

Il corpo è letteralmente trattato, e ancora una volta è la luce che genera la visione. I torsi chiaroscurati emergono lentamente nello spazio, mentre il grasso dell’oilbar vela e scopre l’immagine.


Through an Unconscious Path – Mnemosyne

This is an installation that brings together the various Mnemosyne works produced since 2020.
They are works conceived and produced individually, and therefore necessarily different in the subjects depicted and in the technical methods, but united by a formal similarity given by the luminous grayness that graphite and oilbar give to the works.
These works present, in their variety, both contemporary images – Mnemosyne. Obrist – and of the past – such as the bust of Eros in Mnemosyne. Amor vincit omnia, Caravaggio. Others contain personal photographs from the artist’s archive juxtaposed with those that constitute the collective imagination such as China, June 5, 1989. Mnemosyne. Such works on paper and aluminium are combined with paintings on canvas such as Still Life. Mnemosyne and Childhood. Mnemosyne, which are more instinctive paintings , showing a series of magmatic synergies emerging from the creative process.
The studio was the place where Mnemosyne’s paintings could emerge organically, for the imagination is the place where dreams, memories and images chase each other, overlap, create and dissolve. For this reason, the place itself is the subject of the work, or rather, the main character becomes the act of walking as the title suggests.